Visit of Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Okada to icddr,b

Deputy-prime minister Mr. Okada visited to icddr,b which is the counterpart of our SATREPS “Project for Research and Development of Prevention and Diagnosis for Neglected Tropical Diseases, especially Kala-Azar”. Mr. Toda, Representative of JICA Bangladesh Office introduced Professor Matsumoto (Expert, SATREPS, Univ. of Tokyo), Miss Harada (Long-term Expert, SATREPS, Univ. of Tokyo), Dr. Haque (Project manager, SATREPS, icddr,b), Dr. Mondal (Co-project manager, SATREPS, icddr,b) to Deputy-prime minister. Mr. Okada browsed insect vial of sand fly, pictures of patients, took his much interests in, and offered the highest encouragement to the eradication of NTDs by the contribution of Japanese logistics action.